NZ Capital Strategies was formed in 2009 to provide offshore and domestic investors with access to a private investment program that the directors had been running for their own proprietary capital.

The firm provides transaction advice, fund management, fund structuring and fund administration services to private and institutional clients from around the world. Our team is highly experienced having structured and invested in several billion dollars worth of transactions over many years across a broad range of strategies and financial solutions.

NZ Capital Strategies currently manages a range of venture capital and immigration qualifying investment funds that are managed and administered in partnership with leading NZ and global financial institutions.

We manage two broad categories of funds, those that are diversified in investment scope that are designed to meet specific client objectives for either a single investor or on a unitised basis for a number of investors. We also manage single asset funds that are designed to target a specific opportunity that we believe offers a compelling investment case.

A registered Financial Services Provider (FSP), NZ Capital Strategies is a member of the NZVCA, the industry body for venture capital and private equity professionals in NZ and the NZ Absolute Return Association.